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Organic Flour & seeds

Almond Flour
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1KG French Company ..
120 S.R Ex Tax:120 S.R
Little brown seed, oval, flat and not hulled From French Farms 500 G Order Takes 2 Weeks To Be Delivered ..
80 S.R Ex Tax:80 S.R
Mix Made From Fruits, Seeds, flakes From France 500 Grams..
95 S.R Ex Tax:95 S.R
Sunflower seeds, hulled, cut and tamised and caramelized From French Farms 500 G Order Take 2 Week To Be Delivered ..
95 S.R Ex Tax:95 S.R
In Stock
* 250 Gm per bag...
100 S.R Ex Tax:100 S.R
* Mix made from 5 seeds (brown linseed, yellow linseed, hulled sunflower, hulled sesame seeds, hulled millet).* 50 Gm per bag...
20 S.R Ex Tax:20 S.R
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